Eternally celebrating life both internal and external


This is the personal blog. It clearly needs a facelift with a standard set of pages. I suppose you could consider this the very first post, and no doubt it will be converted to one when the time comes. A proper introduction shall come later; for now, I go by Bellatrix Hadar, or collectively The ThickAether System. Both of these are in fact pseudonyms but publishing under a different name makes things a bit easier for us to speak freely. While our true names are not particularly a secret, we will not speak of them here.

That is all for the moment. I hope to write again in the near future, on topics related to being a plural system and life after body age 30. Philosophy, musings on relationships, ponderings on fitting into society and making our way, that sort of thing.

For now, I wish you a lovely day and hope that things go well for you. As for myself, well. This black lipstick that is upon the body's lips grows faded and broken. In lieu of a proper stain, we shall be off to re-apply it.

Stay mysterious and celebratory, dear friends.

Bella of ThickAether